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This is the post to end all posts. :) If you'd like to get a hold of Jim or the mun, this is the place. Also, feel free to use PM. I respond regularly. I'm open to playing with just about everybody, in just about any relationship. AUs are welcome. So are Rule 63 characters. Bring it!

Sure: Backtagging, threadhopping, 1st or 3rd, Past or present, cross-canon, flirting with Jim, kissing Jim, hugging Jim, fighting with Jim, established relationships, m/m or m/f, pwp, injuring Jim.

Please ask: Killing Jim, telepathy/mind reading Jim.

No thanks: Fourth walling, smut.

All posts in this journal tagged 'oneword' are ota. See something you like? Respond!

How's my driving? Opinions are great! I'm happy to listen and learn. I don't do anon however. Sorry folks. Any concrit worth giving is worth owning.
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He reached past the row of uniform tunics and chose something warn and familiar.
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The voice that haunts his dreams is currently quoting Shakespeare. The non sequitur is as shocking as the next disturbing fact. For a split second, Jim doesn't know whether he's asleep or living in a twisted hell. The past breathes and monsters long thought dead roam the stage.
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It never failed to amaze him as he took his customary nighttime tour of the ship. During the quiet hours with the lights down low, he passed random crewmen in the corridors. Different species, genders, and customs were represented here. A slice of the Federation. All had come together to do one thing.

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The poor thing had stopped growing overnight. "What happened?" he asked Sulu, inspecting the pitiful plant.

The helmsman crossed his arms and leaned casually against the counter the pot was sitting on. "She stole a cup of coffee off of Janice's tray last night while we were talking."


He nodded.

"So that's it?"

"That's as tall as she'll get, yeah."

Jim shook his head in disbelief, feeling sorry for Sulu who'd been nurturing it since it was a seedling. "Note to self. No coffee in the botany lab."
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His vacant expression should have been her first clue.
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Lining the grapes up and launching them one by one across the table with his finger, complete with exaggerated fake explosions, was quite possibly the highlight of his day.
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He turned on the facet and stuck his head down in the sink sideways, letting the water run past his mouth. Being completely wasted meant never having to look for a cup. When he woke up six hours later on the floor of the bathroom, the water was still running.
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The chessboard that resides on his desk is always ready for the latest match.
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It's green. And it smells awful. He's pretty sure Bones is trying to kill him. "I'm not drinking that."
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Bones and Spock hadn't even been gone a full day and already Jim was fighting with his feelings.
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He wasn't generally susceptible to smells. But there was one in particular that instantly turned his stomach and brought bile to his throat.
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Red and swollen, his fingers began to burn intensely as the warmth returned.
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There was no way he was leaving her behind.
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There's no reason for the system to be running on the slow side. In fact, it's not all that slow. Just an extra second or two added to the response time, barely enough to be noticeable. He double checks the maintenance schedule and verifies no diagnostics are being run. If there isn't anything planned that's causing delay, maybe there's something unplanned.

He opens a comm channel. "Spock. You got a minute?"
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He only realized he'd been allergic to the massage oil when he woke up the next morning looking like a tomato.
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There's no time to think. He bolts from behind the wall and races toward Spock who's laying face down in the dirt. An eruption of phaser fire explodes behind him and he knows instinctively his men are covering him. He rolls Spock onto his back, thrusts both hands under this shoulders, and begins to drag him desperately back to safety.
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It always began the same way with that stupid vein in his forehead. Then it was pain at his temples. He'd start to squint as a natural reaction which only made it worse. From there, it was all downhill. Once he hit photo sensitivity, he could kiss his day goodbye.
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The old porch creaked beneath the rocker. As much as he hated this old farmhouse, he loved to sit beneath the eaves and watch the snow fall. He wrapped the comforter tighter around his chest to fend off the cold. It wasn't enough. But he didn't care.
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